What I Do

Hi! My name is Kevin,

I’m a filmmaker and photographer based out of Accra, Ghana/West Africa. Telling stories through visuals has been my passion and drive that pushes me to create.

Over the years, I have had the chance to travel and document people and places through photography that you can find in my portfolio.The Black and White pictures are analog photography captured on 35mm film. Analog photography involves the use of an analog camera and film which undergoes a chemical process to create the images. After the shots have been taken, I personally develop the film rolls myself, scan and prepare them for prints that can be found in the store.

I also create stories in the form of short films, music videos and commercials through the production company, Life In Kolor where we tackle business branding through commercials, testimonials, documentaries and interviews. For the artists, we produce compelling music videos that help boost exposure for their music.

Some of my commercial clients include BBC, Peak Shoes, British School of Guangzhou, Italian Embassy, China and various artists in the music industry.

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